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Mystical Messages Podcast is released twice monthly on Fridays and is available free to all listeners.  You may subscribe to this podcast through Spotify, or Google and Apple Podcasts. 

To connect with me directly, Hilary Harley, your podcast host, please visit me on Facebook and Instagram.   To read my monthly astrology forecasts, enroll in my Astrology 101 course, or schedule a personal one on one astrology reading with me via my website: 

So let’s journey together to connect the dots of what we see, feel or simply know to be true.  I can’t wait to learn what we discover!

Dec 31, 2021

Hilary breaks down the astrology forecast for the month of January 2022.  An energetic culmination of the year prior, 2021, January delivers some challenges with both Messenger Mercury and Valuable Venus retrograde motion.  However, in the midst of deepest winter, the cosmic energy underscores the need for us to lay low...

Dec 17, 2021

Join Hilary‚Äôs special guest Kerri Hummingbird for this episode of Mystical Messages.  Kerri discusses her journey as a Soul Guide.  She is the host of Soul Nectar podcast as well as the #1 international best-selling author of "The Second Wave: Transcending the Human Drama" and the award-winning best-selling book...

Nov 26, 2021

Astrologer and Soul Guide Hilary Harley outlines the astrology forecast for December 2021 on this episode of Mystical Messages.  December is a crescendo of a very difficult year, featuring the 2nd of two eclipses, and Venus Retrograde conjoined to Powerful Pluto on the heels of a Full Moon.  Fasten your seatbelts! ...

Nov 12, 2021

Hilary welcomes Allison Chamberlain Jones to Mystical Messages. Allison is a spiritual business coach, entrepreneur, astrologer, yoga instructor, and reiki practitioner. Together, Hilary and Allison explore her background in yoga and astrology which led to owning Allison Jones Coaching & Astrology - a virtual company.

Oct 29, 2021

Join me as I talk you through the astrology for the month of November 2021.  It is a cosmically calmer month than this past October.  That said, we have our work cut out for us attending to all the dust that got kicked up last month. 

We are held to the grindstone as Venus enters Capricorn for the next four months!  Our...