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Apr 2, 2021

April is the customary time for bursting forth on all fronts in life.  With our push forward, up, out and onward, there may often be rush to judgment or impulsive action that catches up with us later on.  After a languid winter made infinitely worse and more confining by the Covid pandemic, we are rarin’ to go straight out of the gate.  Fortunately, the cosmic energies offer tremendous support to move forward with every aspect of our life now.


On April 1st, we are just past half way through an unusual astrological phase where all ten planets in our galaxy are direct motion.  Unusual in the prolonged length of time the planets are direct, over two months.  This phase will end during the final days of April when Transformer Pluto turns retrograde for the next several months.  Until then, we enjoy fairly unfettered cosmic motion.  So take full advantage!

As you hit the gas pedal of your life, it is a good thing to remember that there is little to hold your horses, cosmically speaking, as April begins.  So it is on us to hit the pause button if we come to a cross roads or key decision.  Not only are all of the planets smoothing our path forward, but several key alignments and planetary placements offer energy enhancement.

Such as you might ask?

As April opens, Motivating Mars in Gemini aligns with both titans Generous Jupiter and Taskmaster Saturn, in Aquarius.  We connect on all cylinders, to ideas, to people both groups and individuals, using technology as we go.  Our information gathering, sharing and disseminating is at peak performance; so if you have a message to broadcast, the first week of April is the time to release what you have to say; especially Sunday and Monday, April 4th and 5th when Messenger Mercury enters fiery Aries at an attention-getting degree.  Time to speak your piece and how!

As Mercury joins Valuable Venus and the Sun in Aries, our get up and go feels super charged.  Mercury rules our thoughts, mind, language and words.  Loosely paired with the Sun, our will and Venus (relationships) we have no time to waste.  Get ON with it already!  The long winter months with planets in Cautious Capricorn and Dreamy Pisces are over.  Enough considering, evaluating and reflecting. It is time to act and now.  S/he who hesitates is lost, right?  Of course right!]

So hopefully you have finished your research and analysis by the end of March; because the impulse to pull the trigger between Sunday, April 4th and mid-month is at peak torque.  Our minds are made up and suddenly we’re racing from 0-100 in 2.5 seconds flat.    Where is the dotted line so we can sign?   How fast can we get it or get there, or make something happen, whatever that is, and ask ourselves why did we wait so long to do this?  We want to know it, do it, or live it now.

Yes, this is the rapidity of the triple Aries energy at play.  So in your rush, especially with large purchases and investments, remember to take a minute to check your calculations.  Trust me:   you do not want to live with buyer’s remorse or any I TOLD YOU SO of the up-coming Taurus energy later this month.  It won’t hurt anyone to run the numbers on a prospective purchase or sleep on a decision for just one night.

During the dark phase of the moon, Friday, April 9-Sunday, April 11, before the New Moon very late on the 11th.  This is one catalytic New Moon as fiery Sun, Moon and Venus in Aries aligns with Jupiter in Aquarius:  meaning, we are FULL of ideas and how to get them done.  We are FULL of ideas and how to get them done.  The trick with this New Moon is taking measured turns with impulsive versus pragmatic energy. 

The Aries trio challenges transformer Pluto in Capricorn.  Our will and emotions have a great big foot on the accelerator while Pluto says not so fast:  If you’re going to do anything, do it right.  Build what you want but build it to last.  Otherwise, impulse decisions will get the better of you now, like pouring gasoline on a bonfire.  However, when managed effectively, this New Moon energy can accomplish anything and quickly.  So set your intentions on Monday or Tuesday, the 12th or 13th.  Remember to handwrite 3-5 goals you seek to accomplish over the next month or season.  Then plant in the ground or carefully set alight.

The temperature begins to lower noticeably a few days later when Venus, Mercury and the Sun shift into earthy Taurus in easy succession.  From Thursday, April 15th through Monday, the 19th, the hot Aries engine turns over into a gentle purr.  The Garden Party is ON!  Valuable Venus leads the energy shift as she rolls into her home sign of Taurus on the 15th.  Here, she feels at home taking her time, creating what is beautiful and sensual yet practical.  How does she procure her triple threat creations:  effective, efficient and luscious?  Venus wastes neither time, money nor resources producing; knows what everyone can use or relate to, especially the impossible-to-buy for…she has exactly the right, just the perfect little gift.  Life is art; living an art form, Venus says. Designing, cultivating, planting, growing and harvesting, Venus in her rulership Taurus comfort us as only Mother Earth can.

By the following Monday, April 19th, both Messenger Mercury and the Sun join Venus in Taurus, gradually joining Radical Uranus.  We cannot help but feel life slow down into a more even-keeled, methodical pace, remarkably different from the fire-brand, nearly manic first weeks of April.  With four planets in Taurus now, we find ourselves moving gradually, even gracefully, tasting what life has to offer, feeling textures and, yes, smelling the roses too.  Taurus is primordial building block energy.  She is both the farmer, sowing seeds of nourishing food, master craftsman and designer, building a lovely and functional home, with a garden, of course. 

As the Sun (our will), Mercury (our minds and words), and Venus (our relationships) all converge with the Great Awakener Uranus over the last half of April, our values may shift.  Taurus is the “show me the money” sign.  It rules worth, and yes our self-worth, our skills and talents, how we apply these to earn money.  Uranus turns everything upside down and cycling through super stable Taurus makes for an uncomfortable fit.  We have seen the results of this combo rendered through economic uncertainty borne out of the Covid pandemic.  Uranus asks:  what are your time and talents worth?  Are you using them wisely?  To the most effective benefit?  If not, should you be cultivating different skills?   Then it sets about changing things up, to intentionally push us out of our comfort zone, to awaken us to our greatest Self.


Uranus awakens us through change, sudden events or surprises, what we know as plot twists or life’s little bends in the road.  When each of the interior planets, Sun, Mercury and Venus first pair then move past Uranus, we feel mini- earthquakes.  These may take one of many forms, such as “ah-hah!” moments, flashes of insight and realization, “why did it take me so long to understand this…?” to much greater turns, unpredictable events that shake and shock.  FYI:  Uranus rules lightning, electricity and earthquakes.  This is breakdown and breakthrough energy.  For some, it may feel like a make or break time.  So it is helpful that Motivating Mars rolls into compassionate Cancer the Crab on Friday, April 23rd.  Our actions are softened as we are drawn toward how we feel, or can best nurture our family and ourselves. 

Emotions may be running a wee bit high as Mars enters emotional Cancer, stoking the waxing Full Moon energies.  The last weekend of April looks particularly turbulent heading into the Full Moon in Scorpio on Monday, April 26th.  The energy that weekend is intensified as Powerful Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio, prepares to turn retrograde the very next day on Tuesday, the 27th.  Suffice to say, it is enough to have one of these events in and of itself; having them paired together is well, loaded.   Pluto and its sign Scorpio reveal what has been hidden, especially with intention.  Under the blazing light of the Full Moon, old secrets come out of the woodwork; karma comes a-calling. If you have anything to own up to, this week is the time for complete accountability.  If not, please do your part to minimize any drama that typically roils around a Full Moon.

The very long stretch of direct motion planets now comes to an end with Pluto’s retrograde on the 27th.  We will not see another forward thrust of all ten planets until February 2022.  So make the most of April’s fiercely brave first weeks by planting seeds of value and worthiness, even if that means breaking out of or breaking apart what holds you back, keeps you from full soulful living. If Covid taught us anything, it certainly drove home:  to thine own self be true.

Now, I would like to briefly talk about the Pluto Return for the United States.  Many people have heard of a Saturn return because these passages mark significant stages in a human life.  Saturn takes 30 years to cycle around an astrology chart;  Pluto, however, takes 248 years to return to its point of origin on a chart. So human beings do not experience a Pluto return. However, nations and long standing business or entities do experience a Pluto return.  And the United States is on the cusp of experiencing it now in 2024.  Because the United States was born on July 4, 1776 and 248 years later, Pluto will return to its original placement in the chart of our country. 

 Pluto is the planet of transformation, psychology and power.  Mythologically, it is the god of the underworld.  Pluto and its sign Scorpio have to do with our shadow, that which we do not acknowledge about ourselves, what we disown or run away from.  It is the ugly stuff we sweep under the rug or hide in the closet.  And yet, when we bring it out and show it to the world, it reveals our greatest strengths and power.  Think of anything buried in the ground, such as gold, diamonds, or oil.  These are treasures that when brought to the surface are of tremendous value and purpose.

So, now, as we in the USA approach our Pluto return, we confront what has been intentionally buried, ignored or swept under the rug.  Such facets of our history as racism, economic inequality, exploitation of natural resources, confinement of our native first people, and more.

The return of Pluto in the next three years to its original position in the astrology birth chart of the USA, we will collectively experience what has been intentionally hidden, suppressed and repressed since the birth of our nation.  Pluto’s return in our chart unearths, reveals and brings up to the light anything that must be seen, acknowledged and addressed. 

Collectively, we are shown in vivid technicolor what we need to take a very hard look at.  There is no more ignoring or turning away from the ugliness that is part of our nation’s heritage.  As our darkest parts are revealed, we will see the absolute treasures and hidden gems to be brought up and out to the surface of our lives, to be acknowledged and yes, ultimately, celebrated.  While this process involves some very hard work individually and collectively, the process is extremely healing as we accomplish this effort.  The work is a marathon, not done in a week or even a year, but when done well, over time and continuously.  The time is upon us now to do this great work.

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