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Sep 16, 2022

Step inside this episode to learn about the cutting-edge healing modality of the Harmonic Egg.  Hilary interviews healer Kerrin Kuntzman, owner of Harmonic Life in Dallas, who explains what the “egg” is and how it works to bring us into energetic alignment. 

“At Harmonic Life, we offer the power of energy and sound healing, as well as techniques to support emotional well-being.  By keeping our minds and spirits in harmony, we once again become attuned to the joy of life,” says Kerrin.  In addition to the Harmonic Egg, Kerrin’s wellness center offers an array of modalities, including The Emotion Code, the Body Code, the Bio Well, and Intuitive Guidance.  Kerrin shares how those suffering chronic immune or systemic issues may find relief when treated with the modalities she offers.

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