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Sep 29, 2023

Veteran astrologer and Mystical Messages host Hilary Harley breaks down the planetary forecast for October 2023.  The past few months have not been for the faint of heart.  Now that Messenger Mercury and Valuable Venus are rolling forward again, we have some decisions to make. 

The more honest and real you are with yourself and others, the better.  It is not selfish to look out for your own best interests when weighing choices.  Aim for a balanced, common sense approach rooted in love.  The final two eclipses of 2023 occur on Saturday, October 14th with a New Moon solar eclipse in Libra.  Use careful deliberation when writing out your goals and intentions.  Understand WHY you want a particular goal or desire. 

Two weeks later, a Full Moon Lunar eclipse in Taurus-Scorpio brings matters to conclusion and culmination.  We are called to look at how we use our resources, whether time, talents or treasure.

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