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Jun 11, 2021

On this episode of Mystical Messages, Reiki Master and teacher Liza Lentini joins Hilary.  Liza is an extraordinary Reiki teacher with a global practice. 

She specializes in animal and distance Reiki, or, sending Reiki energy remotely, to those in need who do not live nearby. This includes animals as well as human clients. 

In their discussion, Hilary and Liza crack open exactly what Reiki energy is and how to find the right introductory Reiki class and teacher to suit your needs.  Liza is an extraordinary Reiki instructor and offers multi-level classes via zoom.  She breaks down the terminology and the practice of Reiki into clear, understandable, and accessible modules. 

Liza Lentini may be reached:

Instagram:  @thebiggreenheart

Hilary Harley may be reached at:

Facebook:  Hilary Harley; hilary harley astrology; harley holistic healing

Instagram: @hilary-harley