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Jul 15, 2022

Tune in to hear my conversation with Leah Goldman of FIKA Coaching.  Leah offers Equine and Virtual Coaching services that are holistic and nature-based approach. with equine facilitated learning.   Together with her horse Saint, Leah leads clients in equine facilitated learning to create deeper connection that affords more joyful and creative lives. 

Clients move from where they are to where they want to be. Through conversation, observation, and hands-on learning, Leah works with clients as a team to discover, find clarity and identify patterns and narratives that keep clients from living the life they deserve.  Partnering with Leah’s horse Saint inspires breakthrough learning.

Horses are sentient and intuitive beings.  Their survival is dependent on awareness of their environment at the most subtle level.  Working together, horses reflect back to clients their behavior minus the limiting stories we often tell ourselves.  Horses reveal our human challenges far more quickly than traditional coaching or other therapies.  This elicits greater self-awareness to encourage sustainable changes clients can make to apply to real-life situations. 

Benefits of equine therapy include:

-        Reflecting or mirroring emotions and energy in real time

-        Emotional regulation and grounding

-        Clear and direct communication

-        Leadership and confidence

-        Staying connected and present

-        Boundary setting

-        Building trust


Leah Goldman

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