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May 13, 2022

Veteran numerologist Veronica (Ronnie) Shaffer joins Hilary to explore numerology.  Numerology is the ancient study of numbers that reveals your life purpose. Using your birth date, day, month and year, your life path is calculated. 

Personal numbers indicate personality type, how we act, whom we attract in relationships, and the kind of work that interests us. In addition to her work as a numerologist, Ronnie Shaffer has been a Healing Arts Practitioner since 1988 and holds certifications in Reiki and Polarity. She lectures extensively on relaxation and stress reduction techniques and teaches the popular “Psychic Self Awareness” class in the New England area.

Ronnie also taught yoga and meditation to incarcerated women as well as creative writing to men in prison.  Her book, I Hear Your Cry: Women in Prison,  is an insightful and compassionate look into the lives of incarcerated women. 


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