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Nov 10, 2023

Intuitive Life Coach Shari Elman joins the Mystical Messages podcast this week.  In her interview with host Hilary Harley, Shari describes how her gift as an intuitive differentiates her from others in the life coaching profession.   “You are a soul manifested into a body; not a body that happens to have a soul,” she says.  

Shari’s intuitive coaching services cover a wide range to meet client needs:  from her signature guidance session, to crisis support, to more intensive guidance work.  Clients who work with Shari are able to push past barriers and find ways to lessen their stress, stay in the moment and release toxic or negative energy.  Shari offers a shoulder of wisdom as well as a gentle guiding hand. 

Tune in to hear how Shari transforms those she works with to create lighter and more joyful lives.


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